Mohamed france setting Thames lets you give your hair the attention it deserves. Your in-depth hair consultation with our hair experts gives you a customised strategy to make your hair look healthy and shiny. We have special concentrated in-salon treatments for volumising , moisturising, strengthening, and repairing the hair.

Quality Hair Products For Strong Hair , We use only the best products, Want to grow out your hair ?  We’ll show you how to strengthen your hair, stop breakage, and help you grow long, beautiful locks.

Mohamed france deep conditioning treatments will stop breakage and thinning and make your hair look amazing .  You’ll receive an in-depth hair analysis to diagnose the particular needs of your hair and scalp. Then, a customised treatment is prescribed to give your hair exactly what it needs including a relaxing head and neck massage, hand massage, and hot towel service. Your newly luscious hair will then receive the perfect styling at our salon.